Security and protection of personal data

Glossary :

Editor : Any natural or legal person who edits the website.
Website : All the sites and content on the website
User : Persons who uses the website

1. Introduction

This document provides you with information regarding the commitments of the website with regard to respect of your private life and the protection of the personal data collected and handled during the use of the service.
You must read this privacy policy in order to make yourself aware of the reasons we use your data and how we do so. By registering on this site you commit yourself to provide clear, accurate, and honest information about yourself. The transmission of false information is a violation of the general conditions covering the site.

Should you have any question concerning this privacy policy or if you wish to exercise your rights as described in this privacy policy, please contact Mme Catherine GOUDET at :

📪 7 Avenue Albert Durand, 31700 Blagnac

2. Characteristics of data collected

The Editor may collect the following categories of user data from users of the site. :

Non-personal data
The Editor may publish, disseminate and use aggregated information (information relating to all our users or to groups or specific categories that are combined in order to ensure that no individual can be identified or named) and non-personal data required for analysing the sector and the market and which relates to demographic profiles, promotional and advertising and other commercial purposes.

Personal data The Editor collects the minimum amount of personal data. The data collected within the context of site use is as follows :
With regard to the newsletter service, the only records users’ email addresses. It is possible to browse on the site without providing any personal information. The website requires no commitment. Nevertheless, certain services cannot be accessed if data is not provided.

3. Cookies

Cookies may be used for statistical purposes, in particular for optimising services to users, and are based on information relating to frequency of access, personalisation of pages and operations carried out, and information consulted.
The site does not download any cookies onto the user’s device.

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