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SOGECLAIR accomplishes large-scale design and co-development projects for major industrial accounts and develops innovative simulation and virtual reality solutions.


Acknowledged know-how in the areas of :

  • Aeronautical and space engineering that can include the production of aerostructure subassemblies,
  • Special vehicles engineering (from light vehicles to industrial and military vehicles),
  • Simulation of industrial products (development of innovative simulation and virtual reality solutions used for design and training purposes).

The SOGECLAIR offer is organised around three types of contracts according to the problems faced by its customers :

  • Technological Assistance
    This type of intervention consists of calling on specialists who join the customers’ teams for projects that take the form of a commitment of resources.

  • Work-Packages
    This speciality allows our customers to outsource the design of all or part of their products. SOGECLAIR provides its knowledge of its customers’ processes, methods and tools. These contracts provide medium-term visibility (3 to 5 years). For this type of development, SOGECLAIR is the project director and provides its know-how in the area of project management, means and methods, quality and management of subcontracting in general.
    This concerns contracts that take the form of a commitment to achieve a given result.

  • Products and Systems
    This consists of taking charge of a complete subassembly or product, in its design and production phases and series support. SOGECLAIR combines its own skills with the industrial skills of its partners.
    This activity relies on R&D and project management skills and on programme management. This is based on a performance commitment. These contracts may offer long-term visibility.


SOGECLAIR activities are divided into 3 divisions :


organisation and activities Sogeclair


SOGECLAIR deploys its expertise in the areas of architecture and integration (process, methods, structures, installation of systems, manufacturing engineering), design (primary and secondary structure, metallic and composite materials, mechanical and electrical systems, fittings), simulation and stress (finite element modelling, static, fatigue, damage tolerance, etc.), lastly tests and qualifications and support to aircrafts in operation.
Furthermore, throughout the life of the industrial product SOGECLAIR develops configuration management, operational quality and process and tools consulting and support activities.

SOGECLAIR deploys its expertise in the area of engineering for specification design and production of special civilian and military vehicles.

SOGECLAIR provides and develops solutions in the area of research, design and training simulators and of simulation workshops and software. The purpose of these resources is to design, train and communicate better. The development of these simulation technologies concerns the design of new systems, validation of these systems’ suitability for their environment, the training of users and studying in a risk-free and economical way, the impact of accidents or aggressions.