European project " NATHENA "

"SOGECLAIR aerospace SAS is the bearer of the European project " NATHENA " dedicated to new generation heat exchangers, ie, a total re-design possible through the use of additive manufacturing.
The potential offered by this process should allow to design an envelope incorporating a core composed of a network of complex meshes with high efficiency.
At the end of the project, two 1/1 scale prototypes will be manufactured, one in Aluminum and one in Inconel.
This project, started in March 2018, is spread over a period of 4 years and has a total budget of 1.5M € financed 100% by the European Commission.
It is the response to the call for proposals proposed by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS as part of the European Clean Sky 2 program in February 2017.
This project is carried out in partnership with the companies : Temisth in Marignane for thermal and fluidic simulation aspects, AddUp based in Cébazat near Clermont-Ferrand for metal additive manufacturing and the Belgian laboratory VKIFD (Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics) for the tests. "

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