Services and Consulting

Operational areas

We contribute our engineering influence and skills to new industrial challenges in the following sectors:

• Automobile
• Railways
• Defence
• Marine
• Energy / Petrochemicals

We offer high value end-to-end services, from design through to implementation.

7 modes of intervention

We adapt to meet the demands of our customers’ projects. Our interventions are flexible making it possible to respond effectively to the expectations of our customers.

Technical assistance: all of our employees work closely together with our customers within the project team in order to ensure that objectives are met with the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Global technical assistance: we work as a team, employing performance indicators and an optimal management system.

Service centre: Overseen by one of our dedicated delivery project directors, this centre guarantees quality, cost, timings, and performance for our customers’ projects.

Flat fee and unit rate: Our delivery service provides key-in-hand solutions with deliverables and results to meet the demands of our customers.

Package Design & Build: one single engineering and production offer based on a “design to cost” approach.

With the assistance of our experts in the field, we provide customised solutions in the following areas:

Consulting and methodology: Diagnostics – Recommendations – Action plans.

Training : Needs analysis – Proposals – Tests – Implementation.


Skilled and expert resources for the growth of the transport, and energy industries. We provide skills and services to support our customers’ development