our values are the foundation of our group identity and they both set us apart and define us


SOGECLAIR designs, develops and manufactures innovative industrial products and high added value solutions for the aeronautics, space, and civil and military transport sectors.

In privileged partnership, we work with our customers in the long-term, throughout the entire product life-cycle.



With more than 50 years’ experience, we wish to expand internationally and become a benchmark in Europe, America and Asia.
As a supplier of industrial products we wish to continue to develop our range and our image as a equipment manufacturer.
We are an innovative company and we are committed to the development of new equipment and products for the industry of tomorrow.

Our corporate identity comes from our internal culture and is based on our values, history, convictions, and know-how.


One of the foundations of SOGECLAIR is trust, both the trust of our customers, who rely on us to carry out work entrusted to us, and trust in our employees, placed in them by responsible, attentive management. : confiance de nos clients; qui doivent pouvoir se reposer sur nous dans la réalisation des travaux qu’ils nous confient mais aussi confiance de nos collaborateurs grâce à un management responsable et à l’écoute.



Technical and managerial competence lies at the heart of our profession and our organisation. This guarantees ongoing high performance and is the result of an effective competence management policy.



Innovation is a tool of progress both for our customers and for our employees. It is expressed through our involvement in national and international research groups and in the development of ideas submitted by our employees.



Fairness in our relations with our suppliers : we wish to establish win-win relationships in which each party is recognised for its skills and the service it provides.<br>Fairness to our employees
promotion within the company is based on performance and commitment regardless of an employee’s original position. : la progression dans l’entreprise s’effectue sur la base de la performance et de l’engagement, quel que soit le poste initial.

Index de l'Egalité Femmes-Hommes (pdf)


As an international company, the CSR policy of SOGECLAIR includes the following elements:

• Responsible and transparent business conduct in order to develop and consolidate lasting economic performance.
• Limitation of our environmental impact and that of our products.
• Courtesy and respect in our professional relationships as essential prerequisites for the establishment of a healthy and motivational work environment.
• Contribution to the development of local economic activity in each of the countries which we operate in.