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Expertise and business skills to the service of new industrial challenges

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SOGECLAIR Services is a national entity of the SOGECLAIR aerospace company whose ambition is to assist industrial partners and clients of automobile, railway, marine transport, of defence, energy and mechatronics in the development of their projects.

SOGECLAIR Services brings expertise, know-how, business skills and added value during the whole life cycle of your products, from concept/design to after sales service.

With the experience of SOGECLAIR aerospace, the company has at its disposal, teams of qualified and motivated technicians and engineers from all sectors of transport. We are developing custom-made solutions in order to be closest to the industrial client's teams and conducting results-oriented engineering services.

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Our offers
An operational expertise
At the service of sectors
Methods of intervention
Technical assistance

We mobilise our multi-disciplinary teams, constituted of engineers and technicians, directly assigned to our clients' sites. This solution to intervene "in situ" may be proposed, sometimes preferred by our clients, for reasons of confidentiality, cyber security, industrial secrets and reactivity. Moreover, this geographical proximity, even at the heart of the plateaux projects further accentuates the cliient's wish to intervene directly in their premises.

Globalised technical assistance

Our intervention is manifested in the form of the SOGECLAIR Services team integrating the implementation of performance indicators and an optimised administrative management with multiple skills. Each team preferably intervenes on the premises of the client (« in situ »), on a shared project plateau, in order to ensure the most efficient and sezrvice objectivesas qualitative as possible.

Services centre.

Coordinated by one of our dedicated Delivery project directors in our preferred premises(« ex situ »), this centre meets our clients' quality-cost-timeframe performance issues in order to ensure tangible results of the objectives.

Forfeit and UO

Our Delivery Service situated in our premises (« ex situ ») brings an adapted hand-oriented key solution that conforms to the demands of the client. We supply an adapted service according to the choice of tasks and required deliverables with results objectives.

Package design & build

One single associated and oriented coherent Engineering and production offer « end to end », to know how to conceive and produce a product from trials through to final completion, while maximising the product development cycle, and using all the know-how of the SOGECLAIR group from trialling and completion of the final product.

Advice and methodology

SOGECLAIR Services assists its clients :

- Analyse a project situation, a process or a product,
- Gather and analyse technical data,
- Produce an adapted diagnosis,
- Formulate the best action plans,
- Participate in the implementation of action plans
- Evaluate and communicate the results obtained
- Propose longer term adapted assistance, if necessary

Instruction / Training

Based on questions relative to industrial issues, SOGECLAIR Services accompanies its clients in a sense of personalised training to efficiently help the multi-disciplined teams to:

- Organise and manage a project,
- Improve and optimise the development process of a product,
- Fine-tune the teams in their work methods(project management, configuration management, document management, Lean methods and manufacturing, agile methods...)

After having grasped the expectations, issues, needs and objectives of the client, SOGECLAIR Services proposes a programme and specific pedagogic and tailor-made objectives that permit us to respond to the specific demands of the client.

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Our presence
Head office
SOGECLAIR services
Sogeclair complex
7, avenue Albert-Durand - BP 20069
31703 BLAGNAC CEDEX - France

T +33 (0)5 61 71 70 00
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