Firmly focused on the future

SOGECLAIR creates solutions and innovative products with high added value for the aerospace industry and the civil and military transport sectors.

SOGECLAIR’s range of services and products is unique in the market.

Our 1400 engineers and colleagues apply their expertise in mechanics and in simulation in collaboration with the major industry leaders.

Our services include outsourced R&D and production support.

Our products, which represent more than 50 million euros revenue, include structure sub-assemblies, aircraft interior fittings, software and simulators, and defence vehicles.

Our focus, both on our area of expertise and on specific industries, makes SOGECLAIR an incubator and a developer of technologies of the future, such as thermoplastic composites, additive manufacturing and automobile simulation, that can support long-term projects.

Our international presence in 9 countries is now responsible for 55% of revenue and home to 45% of our employees and has been strengthened in the USA and Morocco.

Philippe Robardey