Our mission

SOGECLAIR designs, develops and manufactures innovative industrial products and high value-added solutions.

At SOGECLAIR, we support our customers at every stage, from design and simulation to product end-of-life, providing consultancy, engineering services and tailor-made solutions throughout the manufacturing and deployment process.

Our ambition

With over 60 years' experience, SOGECLAIR aims to become a key player in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific and North Africa. As a supplier of innovative industrial solutions, we are shaping the future of mobility with safe and sustainable solutions.

Our recognized expertise in sectors such as aeronautics, space, automotive, rail and defense, combined with our commitment to innovation and the development of new materials and products for tomorrow's industry, ensures operational excellence. SOGECLAIR, your partner for innovative mobility solutions.

SOGECLAIR in figures

Our expertise

We anticipate mobility challenges by developing solutions that enhance safety while minimizing environmental impact.

Our values


Trust is the key to building strong relationships with customers, drawing on in-depth market expertise and the diverse knowledge of our employees. Team spirit plays a key role in fostering the synergy of skills within the company, enabling us to offer exceptional customer service, focused on customer needs and offering unconditional support. This collaborative approach and mutual trust are the driving forces that enable SOGECLAIR to respond effectively and appropriately to customer expectations, while enhancing the individual expertise of its employees.



Mobility is much more than physical movement; it creates bridges between people and cultures, stimulating the exchange of ideas and resources. SOGECLAIR recognizes this impact and is committed to maintaining its role as a global leader in using mobility as a lever to connect talent, foster innovation and create economic opportunities on a global scale. By investing in this vision, the company aims to continue shaping a future where mobility plays a central role in creating wealth and bringing communities together across the globe.


This ambition underlines SOGECLAIR's determination to become a major pillar of sustainable mobility by committing to a carbon-neutral energy transition. To achieve this goal, SOGECLAIR places people at the center of this transformation by promoting inclusion. This means designing solutions that integrate environmentally-friendly technologies while taking into account the needs and aspirations of individuals. By promoting accessibility and inclusion, the company aims to shape a future where mobility respects the environmental balance while meeting the needs of society.


These fundamental commitments underline the paramount importance SOGECLAIR places on respect for human rights and transparency in all its business activities. This implies ensuring that the fundamental rights of every individual are safeguarded at every stage of the company, from employee relations through the supply chain to commercial partnerships. Transparency is essential to building relationships of trust, both internally and with external stakeholders, demonstrating the company's firm commitment to ethical and responsible practices.

Our social responsability

As a company with an international dimension, SOGECLAIR defines its CSR policy along the following lines:

  • Responsible and transparent business conduct for sustainable development and economic performance.
  • Courtesy and respect in our professional relations as essential prerequisites for a healthy and motivating working environment.
  • Limiting our environmental impact and that of our products.
  • Contributing to the development of local economic activity in each of the countries where we operate.