Your challenges

The continuous pursuit of quality and performance are your priorities. 

The global transportation industry is currently undergoing renewall, driven by the desire to introduce new technologies and energy sources to continue offering us all the possibility of staying connected while respecting the environment and the preserving resources.

At SOGECLAIR, we support you in your projects to provide pragmatic and effective solutions to your challenges in :

  • Research into new technical solutions

  • Development of your existing or future products

  • Industrialization

  • Series and in-service support


  • An international company, active for several decades with an extensive footprint

  • Globally recognized and proven expertise among industry-leading customers

  • Stable and experienced teams in their respective fields

  • A simple and lean organization that enables connected work from all our offices to provide you, wherever you are, with the best solution for your needs

  • Synergy with our Product teams to bring you pragmatism and innovation

  • More than 800 engineers at your disposal

  • 15 offices worldwide to provide you with the proximity you need

Our solutions

At SOGECLAIR we are focused on providing engineering expertise for your projects. 

We firmly believe that expertise calls for flawless execution, and this is our commitment to all our customers. Specialists in our activities, you will benefit from the excellence of our engineers, who will support you throughout the life cycle of your products.

Mechanical engineering and systems installation

Mechanical engineering and systems installation

In the field of mechanical engineering, we specialize in the development of complex structures, from initial design to final certification. Our expertise encompasses detailed design, industrialization and production support.

Whether your products are made from metallic or composite materials, our experts are there to optimise their design to meet regulatory standards and the specific requirements of our customers. We have many years' experience of working with major players in the transport industry, giving us solid and varied expertise.
We are also skilled in systems integration and installation, working closely together to define the best approach and ensure optimum performance. Our main objective is to provide you with a tailor-made solution that precisely meets your needs, while delivering maximum performance and ensuring your satisfaction.

Cabin Interiors

Cabin Interiors

Cabin engineering is a crucial part of our offering, showcasing our customers to their own passengers.

Whether for commercial aircraft or to meet the very specific requirements of VIP/VVIP customers, our engineers work tirelessly to develop tailor-made solutions to meet their expectations. We specialize in defining Cabin Layout Plans (LOPAs) for our customers, and have developed automated solutions to quickly generate 3D visuals to validate cabin configurations before committing to detailed studies.
Our expertise covers the design and certification of all aircraft interiors. We are globally recognized for our expertise in developing mechanisms for interior fittings.

Configuration and Documentation Management

Configuration and Documentation Management

Configuration management is an essential process that ensures a product's compliance with established standards, regardless of the industry. SOGECLAIR, a recognized world leader for decades, offers unrivalled expertise in this field, supporting its customers at every level.

Our services include the complete definition of management and control processes, the flexible creation of product structures (PBS) according to the chosen PLM tools, and the implementation and optimization of associated processes and tools for efficient day-to-day use.
We are committed to staying at the forefront of technology, integrating the latest advancements such as blockchain and data science to provide continuous improvement solutions for our customers.
As configuration management is at the heart of every company's operations, we strive to make it optimal and efficient.

Industrialization and technical preparation

Industrialization and technical preparation

We adapt to your requirements to offer you tailor-made solutions, drawing on our expertise and experience. From personalised support to turnkey projects, we have the answer to your specific needs.

Optimize your industrial processes for efficient production and timely delivery, while complying with quality standards and financial constraints. We support you every step of the way, providing you with the tools you need to ensure maximum availability and continuous improvement. Adopt the most suitable technical solutions to meet production challenges and satisfy your customers.


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