Your challenges

You are facing transformations and challenges affecting the performance of your organizations, businesses, products and processes. 

Committed to restoring your profitability or preparing your company's future, you want to take concrete action on the efficiency of your organizations, the sustainability of your activities, the performance of your products or the efficiency of your production system. 

As part of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach and in compliance with new regulations, you also need to implement structured action plans to mitigate the environmental impact of your activities and products. 


  • Business performance improvement (EBIT, Cashflow, etc.)
  • Organizational optimization
  • Development cost saving
  • Cycle reduction
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Mutations anticipation
  • Regulatory realignment 

Our solutions

SOGECLAIR Conseil focuses its operational consulting expertise on four key areas to address the current industry challenges and prepare for transformations in the transport, defense and energy sectors.

Product and process performance

Product and process performance

Our commitment is to improve and stimulate the development and performance of products and processes, offering a comprehensive solution to strengthen market positioning or improve profitability. 

As our efforts are also directed at increasing overall company performance and profitability, we adopt a comprehensive method ranging from benchmarking, functional analysis and cost models, to re-design and re-industrialization following a multi-criteria approach (mass, costs, operational performance, production cycle, MTBF, etc.). 

We ensure our approach is tailored to the specific needs of each project, so as to guarantee an optimum level of performance in line with the company's challenges.

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

We are committed to improving industrial performance by integrating digital and connected solutions. 

Our approach aims to reinforce operational excellence by promoting complete synergy between product and process over the entire life cycle. Through real-time connected interfaces between the physical world and its digital twin, we enable instant communication, promoting collaboration and efficiency.

We also focus on digital continuity, ensuring seamless integration between systems and processes. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with comprehensive and innovative solutions, propelling your performance to new heights in an increasingly digital world, making processes more agile, putting human back at the heart of the industrial system, making it more sustainable.

Environmental transition

Environmental transition

We focus our approach on guiding  towards future business models while anticipating new regulations. 

We conduct in-depth product lifecycle analyses and implement eco-design and lifecycle optimization approaches to minimize the environmental impact of the production, operation and end-of-life phases. By exploring the levers of the circular economy, we aim at creating sustainable and responsible business models.

Our efforts also encompass organizational and process transitions, including the adoption of ISO14001 standards, ensuring compliance with best practice in environmental management. In this way, we work hand to hand with you to position them at the forefront of sustainable innovation and regulatory compliance, propelling your activities towards a more responsible future.


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