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 We focus on training and safety to provide you with customized solutions that enhance the skills of your vehicle operators, reducing ground risks and incidents, ensuring smooth and secure air travel for you and your partners.

Key points

  • Training available at any time, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Time savings through direct access to airspace and designated areas.
  • Reduced risks of operational disruption and intrusions.
  • Reduced risk of accidents and incidents with other ground equipment and aircraft.
  • Optimised efficiency of ground operations and reduced aircraft handling times. 
  • Training adapted to specific weather conditions and scenarios, for complete preparation for operational challenges. 

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control

Discover our complete range of airport solutions, from our cutting-edge SIMULAVIA software, which ensures precise coverage of en-route, approach and control tower operations, to our SCANSIM product range offering accurate modelling for training and research aimed at optimizing air traffic.

With advanced computer-generated imaging capabilities, our solutions ensure smooth and secure airport operations, meeting the highest requirements of the aviation industry.



Our AirSide simulator provides training in radio communications with the control tower, compliance with procedures and better decision-making in a given situation. 

The trainee finds themselves at the helm of a functional cockpit, allowing them to react exactly as they would in reality. They are confronted with a series of operational scenarios that they manage under the instructor's supervision.
This is a highly realistic immersion solution reproducing the dynamic behaviors of vehicles.


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