The aeronautical sector is facing significant challenges in reducing its carbon footprint. At SOGECLAIR, the focus is on intelligent engineering to design innovative and efficient solutions in partnership with industry leaders,  for a more sustainable future.

The aeronautics sector is at a crucial turning point, facing significant challenges that demand swift and creative response.

With the urgent imperative to reduce their carbon footprint, companies operating in these sectors are having to thoroughly reassess their strategies to remain competitive in an ever-evoloving market. 

The need for decarbonization has emerged as an unavoidable imperative, requiring a profound and comprehensive transformation of industrial and operational practices. 

This includes not only the design and manufacturing of new aerospace systems but also the management of supply chain operations to integrate more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, as well as addressing ramp-up and delivery challenges associated with aircraft production.

At SOGECLAIR, we are committed to promotingsmart engineering for an aerospace industry that is both efficient and innovative.

Drawing on our operational and technical expertise, we closely collaborate with industry leaders to design, industrialize, support and deliver current and future systems, products and programs.  

In partnership with our customers, we strive to enhance their agility, connectivity and data exploitation, meeting the dynamic requirements of an ever-evolving sector.

 Our objective is to support our partners at every stage of their journey to create a more innovative and efficient aerospace future.

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