The space sector faces significant challenges and must innovate for lighter, cleaner, and safer systems. SOGECLAIR, in partnership with its customers, offers innovative solutions and cross-sector expertise to adresse these challenges. They design, industrialize and digitize next-generation space systems, supporting a constantly evolving environment.

The space sector is at a critical crossroads, facing unprecedented challenges.

Space companies must innovate for lighter, cleaner and safer systems, requiring niche skills and disruptive technologies. Numerous factors are disrupting the space industries, requiring rapid adaptation to change and accelerated transformation towards more flexible, sustainable and efficient models.

In partnership with our customers, we contribute to addressing these challenges by offering innovative solutions and cross-sector expertise. 

With our expertise, we design, industrialize and produce next-generation space systems, while supporting our customers in an ever-evolving environment. Our company leverages additive manufacturing to provide more efficient and lighter solutions. Additionally, we highlight our mission simulation and configuration management solutions.

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