Your challenges

Simulation-based training in the railway sector is increasingly recognized for its critical role in enhancing safety, efficiency, and operational readiness.

One of the primary challenges is ensuring that simulations are as realistic as possible, accurately reflecting the complex and dynamic environment of real-world rail operations. This involves sophisticated modeling of various scenarios, including emergencies, train and signaling system failures, and adverse weather conditions.

Additionally, there is the challenge of integrating these simulations with the latest technological advancements to provide adaptive learning experiences. Another significant issue is the need for comprehensive training programs that not only focus on technical skills but also on decision-making, communication, and teamwork, which are essential for effective railway operations.

Moreover, ensuring accessibility and scalability of these training programs across different levels of the workforce, from new recruits to experienced personnel, is crucial for maintaining a high standard of safety and service in the railway industry.


  • Extensive in-house rail and simulation expertise + mature product = cost-effective and realistic training solutions.
  • High-fidelity train models accurately replicating actual train behaviours and performance, enabling proper driver training.
  • Reliable delivery capacity with deployment experience around the world.
  • Ultra-realistic CGI, signaling and faults modeling based on simulation platform and vision engine developed specifically for serious simulations, offering an immersive experience necessary for effective learning.
  • A global-support solution enabling responsive and precise issue resolution.
  • Competitive pricing for the best value from your investment.

Our solutions

Transforming rail training across urban, intercity, and freight networks, Sogeclair Simulation offers immersive solutions for safety, efficiency, and sustainability in transportation.

Urban rail simulation

Urban rail simulation

Cities globally invested in mass transit systems, such as subways and light rail, to combat automobile dominance, reducing congestion and emissions. Iconic networks like the London Underground shaped urban identities.

Rail driving simulation emerges as crucial in urban transportation's evolution, offering cost-effective training amidst congestion, safety concerns, and sustainability needs. It provides a controlled environment for operators to practice without risk, enhancing precision and confidence in handling emergencies.

Rail networks are complex, with variables like passenger volumes and signaling systems. Simulation software recreates these intricacies, preparing drivers for real-life scenarios with adaptability and decision-making skills. By exposing them to diverse situations, simulation ensures readiness for challenges on the job, minimizing accidents and injuries.

urban rail simulation
Intercity rail solution

Intercity rail solution

Intercity Passenger Rail operates high-speed railways, connecting urban areas over long distances with faster, express trains prioritizing speed and passenger comfort. SOGECLAIR Simulation's immersive simulators provide realistic training for drivers to enhance skills safely.

Our Intercity Passenger Rail simulators focus on driving under various signaling systems (ETCS Level 1, 2 & 3, ERTMS, PTC, etc.), communication, safety, passenger comfort, and eco-friendly driving, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Freight Train simulation

Freight Train simulation

SOGECLAIR enhances Freight Train Driver and Operator Training with diverse simulation capabilities, covering Driver and Procedural Training, Situational Awareness, and Driver Assessment.

  • The fidelity of the Freight Train Dynamics Model, customized to specific locomotives, ensures realistic in-cab behaviors, fostering effective learning.

  • Key features include conducting Startup Procedures, Brake Tests, Signaling Tests, and throttle and brake control on challenging tracks.

  • Virtual Train Interface supplements procedural training, while OEM-delivered controllers offer tactile feedback for muscle memory training.

  • SOGECLAIR's modular software platform seamlessly integrates third-party hardware controls, enhancing realism.


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