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Discover a world where every detail is tailored to our customers. Our solutions are designed to ensure maximum comfort in confined spaces, reflecting your brand and your customers' preferences.

From the selection of high-end materials to the customizing of finishes, our team is committed to creating interiors that set you apart. Sustainability and safety are our top priorities: our lightweight materials meet the most stringent aviation standards. 

You benefit from complete exclusivity, with every detail tailored to our customers's unique requirements. 

We also ensure regulatory compliance, even in the most complex environments, for a worry-free journey. Experience an experience where comfort, style and safety harmonize seamlessly. 

With us, each flight becomes a unique experience.


At SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT, our work relies mainly on manual skills, where dexterity and attention to detail play a crucial role. These qualities vary from person to person, and each individual must possess personal determination to excel in their role.

  • Assembly of machined components for moving products
  • Assembly of cabinet components with plated finish (included sub-detail part and Assy)
  • Assembly of dishware supports for drawers or shelves
  • Dishware support design
  • Certifications : AS9100, CAR561, Controlled Goods 

Our solutions

Drawing on our expertise in composite materials, plastics and non-ferrous metals, along with our R&D (Research and Development) center, our integrated approach ensures our customers receive complete support, from design to production of custom parts, all while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.



From the Galley to the lavatory, from credenza to sliding door and Bulkhead, every element is designed for your comfort and convenience.

With us, aesthetics and utility blend seamlessly to create spaces that are both functional and elegant.

Dishware Rack Design

Dishware Rack Design

We offer a comprehensive range of services, from measurements and 3D creation to layout configuration design, optimizing the placement of elements for aesthetics and utility. 

We also design CCF (Crystal China Flatware) kits and provide configuration models, subject to client approval.

Finally, we handle the manufacturing of CCF kits, including machining, assembly, and finishing, ensuring precise and high-quality results.



SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT specializies in the end-to-end development of mechanical mechanisms for aircraft interiors.

It all starts with our customers' specifications, from which we conceptualize, model, prototype and manufacture mechanisms that precisely meet their requirements. 

Our expertise lies in crafting mechanisms that provide a complete sensory experience, ensuring that every interaction with our products is both practical and enjoyable.


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