About Oktal SE

OKTAL Synthetic Environment (OKTAL-SE) was created in 2001 by its CEO Mr Jean LATGER, co-founder of the parent company OKTAL created in 1989. Today OKTAL-SE is part of the SOGECLAIR group (https://www.sogeclair.com/). Our human-sized company guarantees responsiveness and customer-oriented approach in all its services and products.

Our mission is to provide customers with an Electro-optical and Radiofrequency sensor simulation workshop that allows them to assess the future performance of their systems.

With the support of world-renowned scientific institutes such as ONERA (France), the Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) or FOI (Sweden), OKTAL-SE has always favored the scientific validity of these software in order to become the n ° 1 in this niche market.

recherche et developpement

Today, OKTAL-SE software products are used for:

  • The qualification of systems embedding EO and RF sensors (HWIL benches)
  • The development of signal processing for Detection, Recognition, Identification and Guidance
  • Stealth and Camouflage Studies
  • Development and testing of decoy systems
  • The study of guidance and navigation systems
  • Radar studies (EWS, SAR imagery, RCS ...)
  • Generation of synthetic data for learning algorithms (Deep Learning)
  • Augmented vision for critical systems (all-weather piloting assistance, "see and avoid" ...)

Our commitment: to guarantee the fidelity of the simulation of the visible sensor signal, infrared and radar.

Oktal SE logo

- 1989 : creation of OKTAL

- 2001 : creation of OKTAL-SE and entry into the SOGECLAIR group

- 2002 : DGA accreditation of our electro-optical solution

- 2006 : Science and Defense Award for our Radiofrequency solution

- 2013 : Official partnership with MBDA France

- 2020 : 35 employees dedicated to multi-sensor simulation

Our Mission

OKTAL SYNTHETIC ENVIRONMENT designs / develops / distributes software (COTS) products to evaluate the performance of visible, infrared, radar and GNSS sensors.

Working for more than 20 years with major defense agencies and manufacturers around the world, OKTAL-SE knows how to provide reliable and efficient solutions to these customers.