Products: Sensor Simulation COTS Software
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  • Simulation software tool suite
  • Catalogue of 3D synthetic environment
  • Catalogue of 3D objects for multi-sensors applications
Services in sensor simulation
  • Provider of synthetic data for Deep Learning
  • Provider of multi-sensors data for fusion algorithm
  • Creation of specific 3D synthetic environment
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Training
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Sensor Simulation COTS Software

OKTAL-SE provides COTS software to create 3D synthetic environment and to simulate realistic scenarios including Electro Optic and Radio-Frequency sensors applications (see the more

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3D CAD models

OKTAL-SE provides you with custom 3D synthetic environment or 3 objects that will provide realistic physics based rendering images in Electro-optics and Radio frequency domain.

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Catalogue of 3D objects for multi-sensors applications

3D CAD objets used in sensor simulation must be compliant with the physics models that will be applied during the simulation. OKTAL-SE proposes a complete set of ready-to-use objects that can be directly used for EO and RF applications.

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