Provider of synthetic dataset for Machine Learning algorithms.

The trustworthy synthetic images generated by the physic based simulation workbench of OKTAL-SE is a key solution the tackle the scarcity of learning dataset for image based Deep Learning studies.

Realistic visible, infrared and radar images can be created in a massive way and on an unlimited set of conditions and 3D environment.

Sensor images
simu 1 Visible
simu 2 Infrared
simu 3 Radar
Provider of multi-sensors data for fusion algorithm

Detection or navigation are example of functions that can be hardened by using the signal coming from different types of sensors. The multi-sensor capability (visible, infrared, radar, GNSS) of the OKTAL-SE offer is a key asset to simulate such fusion algorithm.

capteur1 capteur1

Creation of specific 3D synthetic environment

OKTAL-SE proposes to create 3D synthetic environment based on your own data and requirements. Our commitment is to provide you with a ready-to-use scenario that can be then modified by you own if needed.

capteur1 capteur1 capteur1

OKTAL-SE experts have a wide experience in the synthetic scene creation and sensor modeling. They can support you in your studies in:

  • Sensor trade off
  • Sensor qualification
  • Experimental trial preparation
  • Proof of concept of electro-optic, radar of GNSS systems
  • Development of Probability of Detection function
  • Stealth/camouflage
On-site technical assistance

An OKTAL-SE expert can come in your premises to help you directly in your project. It is the good solution to take the most of the OKTAL-SE tool suite and expertise.


Increase your efficiency in the management of our simulation solution for your application.

Our training officers will give you all the keys to optimize and manage all the features provided by the OKTAL-SE software.
The training session can be organized either on our premises in order to meet all our experts or on the customer premises to support our client directly in their working environment.

For instance, our experts will train you on :

1. Multi-sensor simulation :

  • 3D synthetic environment modeling for Electro optic and Radio Frequency applications
  • Sensor signal computation

2. Advanced programming :

  • Parallel computing on GPU (CUDA)
  • Shader creation for SE-WORKBENCH-EO

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