Simulation equipment and cockpit replicas

We are leaders in the aeronautics simulation market; we develop and supply solutions such as simulation equipment and cockpit replicas. Our range includes low-level simulators through to level D full flight simulators and is compliant with current regulations (EASA CS-FSTD, FAA Part 60).

We also have a wide range of solutions for marine training systems. With more than 20 years experience in the field, we are recognised by all major companies in the field for our tried and tested technical solutions and highly reliable products.

Our range :

• Civil and military simulation equipment for planes and helicopters
• Fully-equipped replica cockpits
• Simulated marine equipment: periscope, throttles, consoles, etc.

Onboard aeronautics equipment

We are well known for our aeronautics equipment and offer a range of innovative electromechanical solutions. From analysis through to manufacturing (models, prototypes, testing, certification, series production), we cover the full development cycle and support the main commercial and business aviation companies throughout the world.

We are certified for Part 21G and Part 145.

SOGECLAIR équipement

Supplier of simulation equipment and platforms.