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SERA Engineering participates in divers fields. Specialising in the industrial development of a wide range of vehicles, SERA is disposed of multi-disciplinary skills in order to accomplish the research and prototypes that you wish for.

SOUVIM (2008-2012) and EPEE 1, 2 & 3 (2013-2019)
SERA Engineering, under the project management of MBDA, is in charge of the design, the conception and project completion of the SOUVIM vehicle series and of the evolution of EPEE 1, 2 & 3. The SOUVIM system of vehicles for the detection and neutralising of landmines is battle proven and has been operational since 2011 (in Afghanistan and then in Mali).
BUFFALO (2015-2019)
This concerns the integration of a hydraulically-powered arm and claw (IED update 2015) and then in 2018-2019, the integration of a propelled decoy device on BUFFALO, manufactured by Pearson for the French Army. There is also the modification of the vehicle’s nose gear and arm and claw support, and the addition of a connecting interface with the vehicle’s driver. BUFFALO, fitted with this new decoy device is to be operational in Mali.