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Our values

The fundamental values of SERA

The identity of our company is the product of our internal culture and rests on our values, our history, our firm beliefs and our know-how.

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Confidence is at the base of the SOGECLAIR Group; confidence in our customers who rely on us in order to carry through the implementation of their; confidence in our colleagues across our management team who are attentive to our customers’ needs.


The work and involvement of our teams towards a common goal are at the heart of our organisation and of our activity. They are the guarantee of a sustainable performance, always destined to procure the most detailed and safest products of quality.


Innovation is the spearhead of our activity and our company. This innovation is not only evident across our involvement in numerous international research projects but equally with the development of ideas and of innovative concepts.

Equity and openness

Equity and openness in our relationship with our clients and suppliers. We establish win-win relationships within which each is recognised for their competence and products he supplies.

Respect for the environment

The longevity of the company is closely linked to its environment, and we give great importance in our organisation to be aware of the environmental impact of our choices and of the products that we supply. The environment is also important in the workplace. To this effect, the health and security of our colleagues is paramount.