Mark your calendars for the APTA Rail Conference 2024 in Cleveland, from June 2-5! ?

Join Sogeclair Simulation at BOOTH #625 to discover how innovative training solutions can augment safety, readiness, and efficiency in your training operations. ?

Did you know that rail driver training simulators have been shown to:
1️⃣   Enable faster skills acquisition and improved retention by trainees.
2️⃣   Develop drivers that are more adaptable and adept at handling unforeseen challenges.
3️⃣   Lead trainees to develop effective stress management techniques and perform more safely under pressure.

Book your time to trial our mobile simulator!

Reach out to Paolo Paoletta and Robin Sanchez, who are looking forward to speaking with you about faster, safer and more sustainable training.

See you there! 

Let's move the world faster, more safely, and more sustainably together!

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