Blagnac, France, April 03 2024 - SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT, a leading company in the development of high value-added thermoplastic composites, announces a partnership with startup SPIRAL RTC, specialized in the circularity of production waste and the end-of-life of carbon fiber-based thermoplastic composites. This partnership marks a significant step forward in SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT's commitment to developing innovative technological solutions to address the decarbonization challenges of the aerospace industry and promote safer, more sustainable mobility. 

Together, SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT and SPIRAL RTC are committed to exploring best practices in ecodesign for managing carbon fiber thermoplastic waste. The objective? To reduce the aeronautical industry's environmental footprint by effectively recovering carbon-fiber thermoplastic scraps and giving these materials a new lease of life in high-end applications. 

Carbon fiber thermoplastic composites offer multiple advantages across various industrial sectors due to their lightweight, strength, and adaptability. These materials not only enable significant weight savings but also facilitate easy functional integration, ideal for high-speed manufacturing processes. However, waste management of these materials represents a significant challenge. By collaborating, SPIRAL RTC and SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT are committed to turning these challenges into sustainable opportunities for the industry, with a focus on the recyclability of carbon fiber thermoplastic composites. 

Stéphane Zirilli, VP SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT Innovative Materials, comments, "This partnership with SPIRAL RTC testifies to our commitment to valorizing our production scrap in a circular economy perspective. We are convinced that this collaboration will enable us to innovate while reducing our environmental impact.” 

Hans Luinge, co-founder and managing partner adds “We are delighted that SOGECLAIR is a pro-active partner aiming to achieve full circularity in the thermoplastic composites value chain. SOGECLAIR’s commitment to this innovative material technology is key to realizing important sustainability goals such as reduction of greenhouse gas emission and minimizing the use of fossil resources. Our cooperation provides a new lease on life for these magnificent materials that are used in many high tech applications in- and outside the aerospace domain.” 

SOGECLAIR EQUIPMENT and SPIRAL RTC are convinced that this partnership will foster the emergence of innovative and sustainable solutions for the aerospace industry as circular and sustainable engineering materials.


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